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Fluency in six months...
An intensive program!

Learn and Practice English every week from the comfort of your home with highly qualified English instructors within one of the best English training programs!

English learner

Live Practice Classes

Listening & Reading Core Classes

Grammar Core Classes

Pronunciation Core Classes

Limited time offer

The English Marathon

475 per month

What's included

  • Ongoing progress check with a personal success guide
  • Two practice classes per week 90 minutes per class - six students max
  • Daily Core Classes
  • Learner support available throughout the day
  • Start right away, no waiting lists
Our system provides everything a student needs in order to achieve fluency while maintaining an easy and fun experience!
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How to start... Step by step!

First step

Contact us

The first step to start your program is to contact by calling our phone numbers or by filling the contact form…

Second step

Choosing your program and subscribing

One of our agents will help you choose a suitable plan for your needs and refer you to the available payment methods…

Third step

Onboarding Meeting

A meeting is scheduled with your success guide who will analyze your English, needs and help you understand the learning flow, tools and process. Together, you’ll create a study plan with objectives to review upon your next meeting.

Fourth step

Schedules and kickoff

You’ll then be added to groups and gain access to classes according to your English stage. Once added, you can start attending live classes, watching recorded ones, interacting with other students and teachers.

Fifth step

Progress Check

Periodically, you meet again with your success guide, who analyses your performance and progress, reviews your learning plan and promotes you to higher levels and different classes if needed.

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